About Us

We are Aaron and Irina Lange, owners and managers of Foxfire Farm. Aaron grew up on our farm and Irina worked on it through her teen years. Aaron went to college, Irina did volunteer work and traveled for a couple years, and we both found ourselves back home after our adventures. We fell in love, got married, and then little Jonathan joined the crew.

Aaron’s parents grew organic vegetables on our farm for 30 years before we got married and took over ownership and management. In that transition, we re-branded as “Foxfire Farm,” but still hold to the same small business and organic farming values Aaron’s parents had. Our mission is to grow quality, organic produce and make it available to our local community through local stores, farmer’s markets, and our CSA.

Community Supported Agriculture

There is more to Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) than simply a weekly veggie box. CSA is an alternative lifestyle for the consumer which supports an alternative business model for the farmer.

The CSA alternative is that the CSA farmers go directly to their local community for support rather than wholesale buyers and financial lenders. The original CSA model was quite rigid: the consumer buys a “share” in the farm prior to the season; the farmer uses this money to start up the farm for the year; the farmer then provides (for a set number of weeks during the season) a weekly box of the farm produce to the CSA member.

Our CSA operates differently. Our CSA is open year round, so you have access to fresh veggies all year. We encourage customers to prepay in lump sums, but also allow pay-as-you-go. Rather than a set order each week, we operate by complete customer choice through the web-based ordering system. In short, you can order what you want, and only pay for what you order. If you are on vacation or don’t need to order one week, no problem! You only order the weeks you want to. Below is our CSA pickup and delivery schedule. To receive your order for that week, place it by Wednesday at 2pm.

Danville Nutrition Center, 11am 6pm Fridays

Boyle Co Farmer’s Market Saturdays 9am-12pm, only April through October

Farm Pickup, 9am-6pm Friday or Saturday (20% discount)

Home delivery in Liberty and Danville for an extra fee on Fridays

Our CSA is an alternative to the grocery store. Rather than forming your diet on grocery store availability, you can form our CSA (in-season) availability to fit your diet by providing feedback on your preferences. Our CSA will also educate you on seasonal availability of Kentucky produce (there will be no sweet corn in May, and no strawberries in August!) Our CSA also shortens the supply chain, reducing the travel mileage of your food. This means the food from our CSA will be fresher, tastier, more nutritionally dense, and sometimes even less expensive than the grocery store.

If you’d like to sign up as a CSA customer, click this link to be directed to our CSA sign up page. Upon registering for an account, we may contact you by phone to establish contact. We will confirm your access to the site and you will then receive a welcome email. Then you can begin placing weekly orders through the login page link on the left side bar. If you’d like to get more information about our CSA, or have interest in starting a pickup location for your business or neighborhood, please call, text or email us through our contact page.

Farming Values

Our farm operates on a few simple principles: Feed People, Feed Soil, and economically support a family (plus several local employees).

We grow more than 40 different crops of mixed vegetables, fruits, greens, and herbs on our Certified Organic, minimal-tillage, space-intensive, no-spray farm. These crops are selected based on customer popularity, as well as suitability for our region, and vigor of growth to ward off pests and disease. We believe that healthy soil grows healthy plants which have natural resistance to pests and disease. We supercharge our soil health by dedicating a third of our outdoor fields each year entirely to cover-cropping. Additionally, all of our outdoor fields are cover-cropped at least once per year. We also use a small mountain of 150 cubic yards of soil- building compost each year.

Partner Farms

We partner with several Certified Organic and Natural Farms within a 10 mile radius of our farm to provide even more variety to our selection. These farmers grow specific vegetables and fruits that we don’t grow, or of which we only grow limited quantities. Some products you may see offered from local farms include: sweet corn, watermelon and cataloupe, blueberries, strawberries, and sweet potatoes, to name a few. We trust these farmers and eat their produce in our own meals.

Where to find our produce

The best way to get our produce is to become a CSA partner.

You can also find our produce at:

  • Boyle County Farmer’s Market at Constitution Square: Danville, KY April-Nov
  • Lavern’s Country Market: Liberty, KY
  • Danville Nutrition Center, Danville, KY
  • Restaurants serving Foxfire produce:

  • The Parthenon in Danville, KY
  • Bread of Life in Liberty, KY