What to do with your brand new Foxfire Plants.

Here is a brief guide to getting your plants into the ground with a high likelihood of survival. First, thanks for buying our plants. Second, your new plants need to be hardened off before planting out into your garden. "Hardening off" is the gardeners term for the gradual conditioning of plants from a stable and warm greenhouse environment, to an unstable outdoor environment. The greenhouse stays at a consistent temperature of 60-80 degrees, has slightly reduced UV exposure and reduced sunlight intensity. The greenhouse also has no wind, and the plants are usually well-supported by their neighbors. The greenhouse plants also get watered regularly, but not too much, and don't have to deal with rain storms. To harden off your new plants, begin by placing them outside in their pots or plugs during the day, exposed to sun, wind, and whatnot (don't forget to water, and maybe do bring them in from thunderstorms). Bring them in at night if frost threatens. Gradually allow more exposure, and even allow the plants to dry out for 1 day (not more). After 7-10 days of this care, the plants will be ready to plant out into your garden. Thirdly, our plants are growing in a compost-based potting soil, so additionally fertilizer is not need in the pots/plugs for the first 7-10 days after getting your plants. Finally, when you transplant your plants out into the garden, give them a good drink of water both into the pots/plugs before planting, and around the plant after being placed in the ground. Don't hesitate to ask, if you have specific questions regarding our plants. ***We don't guarantee that Kentucky won't get an unpredictable hard spring freeze or a plant-shredding hail storm. We do guarantee that our plants will be healthy, vigorous, and well-suited to reasonable conditions in our KY climate.***