We harvest and trim leeks, packing them in ~12oz bundles. Use our tender savory leeks in stir fry, saute into your favorite dish, or make a traditional leek soup. The whole leeks is edible and tasty. Our leeks are not grown in the traditional manner. Our leeks are actually elephant garlic (which is more closely related to leeks than garlic) harvested at early stage, before it has bulbed. Some of the elephant garlic crop each year produces a large undivided bulb which resembles a flower bulb. For leeks, we either plant those undivided bulbs, or harvest the leeks which grow from the bulbs that are accidentally left in the field during harvest. These are only available in the late winter or early spring in limited quantity, so enjoy while you can. In late spring we will sell these as "green elephant garlic" as they begin to form bulbs.