Round radish

Our radishes come in a bunch of 8-12, usually with the tops trimmed to help keep freshness. Any radishes that survive day 1 of their visit to your kitchen should have the remaining tops snapped off and be stored in a container in your fridge. They should keep crunchy for 1-2 weeks or longer. Use radishes chopped as a garnish, eat them like candy for a spicy crunch, or even roast them alongside your other vegetables. Rumor has it that kids can be convinced radishes are potatoes if roasted with potatoes and seasoned appropriately. Do be warned that during July and August, our radishes will be much spicier than usual due to the warmer Temps - proceed with caution. Also try our French breakfast radishes for an easier chopping experience. Our customers report on mix of opinion of which is spicier: round or French breakfast, so order both and make your own opinion.